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Call for Entries


Curated by George Lange

Deadline 1/10

Exhibition 3/1 – 4/15


We all have secrets.

Places we never put our cameras –

and if we do – pictures we would never share.

We have secret “PERSONAL” folders on our hard drives. We have pictures from old relationships we want to delete – but we really never delete anything.

I want to see the pictures of those moments after the lights go out before you fall asleep.

I want to see the side of something you never would share.

I want to see a reject from your perfectly curated life.

I want to see a picture you took that was really hard to take.

I want to see a picture of a lie.

I want to see a picture you couldn’t show until the subject was gone or dead.

I want to see a picture you cannot put your name on.

I want to see a picture of something you swear you didn’t see.

I want a picture that demands an apology.

I want a picture that instantly brings you to tears.

I want a picture that does not belong in grandpa’s barn without a cover on it


George Lange on George Lange

My job is to humanize people and show how we are all connected.

I shot for every magazine. NYT. Fortune. Vogue. HG. Allure. Vanity Fair. Sports Illustrated.

I moved to LA in the 90’s. Shot a ton of celebs. Teen People. Entertainment Weekly. Vogue. Lots of ad campaigns for Seinfeld, Jim Carrey movies, Flintstones, Little Rascals. Shot many, many TV shows – Frazier, That 70’s Show, ER, Ellen….lots of shows.

I do not have a real style – I have a sensibility. I shoot really fast. I change my mind all the time at the shoots – working fast and honest – people think my pictures somehow capture who they were – despite not usually being the most glamorous.

I know when to speak up and direct a subject – and I know when to just shut up and let the thing unfold.

When I am shooting Jim Carrey – I let him work through all his moves and faces he is famous for – the white keys…. Then I let it him play the black keys – which is what I am most interested in. With him, it is more lighting a can of gasoline than fine tuning any details on the set.

I am asked all the time, “Who is the most amazing person you have ever met?” “What is the greatest picture you have ever taken?” Every time I give the same answer. YOU are the most amazing person I have ever met, and the picture we are about to take is the most amazing picture I have ever taken.

I live in the moment. I dig into the stories that move me, your stories. The story of your company. Your family. The place we are all connected. My work is about how we are all connected. What makes us special. My work is as much about listening as seeing. I use all of my senses to take pictures. Pictures only taken with your eyes are like eating something you can only see and never taste. I take pictures you can taste. And smell. And feel.


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