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“I am feeling like a Jackson Pollock painting.”

Asher and I are watching a video of Thelonius Monk’s hands playing up close.

We are watching Jackson Pollock dripping paint on glass

We are talking about how you come up with ideas - both with our eyes closed.

This picture was taken on Friday in my studio on Penn Ave with Dante and his son Dante Jr. Dante's hands are like a prayer over his son's eyes. I love seeing Dad’s hands on their children’s faces. Dante is one of the smartest businessmen I know. He can zoom out and see so many roads forward that he can choose wisely, setting the bar high. He believes that we control our own destinies by making the right decisions, taking care of our bodies, and choosing thoughtfully how we interact with the world. When I get to hang out with Dante I am always lifted up like his hands are on my eyes and then on the side like blinders focusing my restless mind on pay dirt. Later in the day I ask Asher how he is feeling. He says, “I am feeling like a Jackson Pollock painting.” I need to put my hands over his eyes. @dailybread


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