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Our kids are measuring us, too.

One of the first things we do when our children are born is measure them. How much do they weigh? How long are they? How much are they eating? How much are they pooping? Later it becomes pencil marks on the wall of the kitchen. Then, what are their grades? How many points did they score? What college did they get into?

We forget that our kids are measuring us, too. They measure us tying their shoes, at first not knowing why we are making a bow with their laces. Then when they can tie their own shoes they still let us help them, looking down saying, “Doesn’t that make you feel like a Dad?” They measure the love we share. They measure how much they get for an allowance. They measure how far they are behind us, then one day they sprint ahead leaving us in the dust.

In this picture Dante Jr is seeing how big his 7 year old hands are over his Dad’s eyes. One days his hands will cover his Dad’s whole face. I hope I get to take that picture, too.


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