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In the past year I discovered the key to my archive that had eluded me for a long time. In addition to all the terabytes of hard drives there are 80 drawers in storage of film from the 90’s. I used to visit the archive, but was always overwhelmed by the breadth of the work and had no clue how to understand how it was all connected. I've recently realized that my work was my attempt to recreate the feeling of joy I had growing up in Pittsburgh. This turned out to be the key to becoming friends with all of my older work. I started with my negatives from the 90’s, which we scanned and made beautiful, big, new art prints. Most of the work had never been printed before - some of the images have never been seen until now. Click on the pictures below to see more. (All the images are available as prints - but check out the print section for my favorite prints from the first months of printing. They will put joy up on your wall.)

Francesca Woodman - 101 N. Main St. - #7
Nobu Matsuhisa
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