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Corporate Photography George Lange

Commission George Lange

High-end, accessible, and modern photography for Corporations and Foundations.

Here's how it works:

  • George taps into what makes your company, your employees, and your customer’s stories totally unique. This can happen at the very beginning of the explorative process, where you are figuring how to bring your stories to life, or by having George come in to execute your storyboards. George’s greatest gift is humanizing stories at every level, from creating portraits that reveal what makes us special to sharing stories that in George’s hands take on a whole new life.

  • Working on location, George will create a wide range of images with every subject and location, delivering a large edit for all platforms and uses.

  • The team at Lange Studio will work to ensure a smooth production from pre-production through shooting and delivery.

  • George Lange will be available for consultation and post-production.

  • The takeaway for you is totally unique imagery, created for your company, by one of the master photographic storytellers and imagemakers working today.

“His ability to bring out the hidden personalities and light in everyone he photographs is fascinating to me. If you don’t know his work with celebs and iconic brands from around the world - check him out. If you’re looking for a ‘not your typical photoshoot/images’ - check him out.”

- Bridgett Golden, Global Communications Leader, Johnson & Johnson

“George is an internationally recognized photographer who is transcending the technical aspects of his art (which he is expert at) to make being photographed a liberating, enriching experience and enable people to appreciate the beauty they naturally possess and to share their unique energy and love. And George is a great storyteller with great stories to tell.”

- Susan Hopkins, VP of Commercial Marketing, Teleflex Interventional Urology 

“George joined our group for an off-site retreat. Not only did he capture stunning images of our time together and portraits of our attendees that reflected their true essence, but he contributed to the content and engagement overall in invaluable ways. He is a smart and thoughtful presenter, a world class photographer and just a joy to be around.”

- Lisa Magnuson, SVP, Dairy Management, Inc.

“My session with George was one of the most interesting and 𝘧𝘶𝘯 photographic experiences of my life. George lightened the mood right away, and instead of sitting through some stuffy process I really got to witness a fellow artist at work.” 

- Sean Juhl, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra


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