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"Living for 9 months with a latent idea. Another baby growing in Stephie’s belly. It gives you a little time to sort things out before you learn your dreams are really small compared to the life getting ready to take it’s first breath. When Stephie first became pregnant, we knew we wanted to reimagine the “Welcome” video, while also recognizing this was a going to be a whole new experience. The flipbook was an excuse to play with paint and chocolate and stamps and string. We started in this incredible apartment in Antwerp, talked our way into the best Belgian chocolate kitchen, followed up in Maplewood, and finally did the last scene in Pittsburgh at my childhood home. Thanks to Burie for the chocolate, Eve O’Shea for the baby drawing, David Mishler for help editing, our moms. This is dedicated to our Dads, Steve Cook and Jack Lange, who we miss so much."

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