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The way the cards fell is for Stephie to make our bed in Boulder this morning, and for me to make a bed at my friend Kay & David's apt in Soho (full disclosure...the bed I am making will be fluffed and puffed beyond anything I could do by one of the angels who work with Kay). Then we will pass each other in the air this afternoon going in opposite directions. Tomorrow morning I will be in the school yard bright and early. Stephie will hopefully be sitting with something great to read in front of a big bowl of coffee at Balthazar up the street then headed over to see the astonishing Kara Walker show. It is always hard going on the road for work by myself. With this amazing NYC apartment empty over the weekend, wound up being the perfect time for Stephie to sneak in and have some time to recharge and be inspired. As for me....I will continue missing her a couple more days, though not much time to think between parties and sports with the boys. Modern parenting.....


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