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Of course, peaches. What is better than ripe peaches in August? Maybe sliced over Rice Krispies late at night…but that is for later, if any are left over. For our third UNBLURRED event at my studio in Garfield (gallery crawl on the first Fridays of every month) we got a whole crate of ripe peaches hand picked by Gina at Linea Verde Green Market, my favorite market in all of Pittsburgh (including the new Whole Foods - where it is ok to break a jar of pickles and watch how quickly they get cleaned up).

The only prop was a peach - but that was more than enough. That, and being in my Keith Jarrett shooting mode. How else to describe it? I have two large boxes on wheels that have been painted by Stephie that I ask people to climb into. I lock the wheels down just for safety, but if you watch while I am shooting you can see me steering a speeding car down a winding road having no clue where we are headed. I like the feeling of traveling fast with the windows down, no clue what the destination is, and my finger on the button.

Stop by 5427 Penn Ave on Friday, OCTOBER 7th for our next UNBLURRED to see where we go next!

Sean Enright, the master mixologist/manager at Spork across the street bit in hard and the peach exploded.

Chloe ate a peach

Chloe's brother Sammy ate a peach

Sammy's friend Asher ate a peach

Asher's brother Jackson does not like peaches but loves baseball

I take pictures, but mostly I ask questions - of myself and whoever I am photographing. All made up. The answers are the jumping off point. The subjects like when I pretend to know what I am doing. It is a thrill being totally in the moment and also being able to step outside of the moment and see it all from above - like a mental drone shot.

Hal B. Klein, straight off of his deep dive into Pittsburgh's greatest pizza, grabbed a handful of peaches to make a perfect mess.

The newest (and youngest) new member of the Pittsburgh Symphony, Sean Juhl, posed with his mother, Ching Juhl, who pushed Sean out of the way and made it all her own.

Ching licked her peach

Then Ching made the peach her own

Javon couldn't stop laughing

Outside after the rain the light was warm and glowing. There is always one more shot if I turn around.

Keith Jarrett says the essence of improvisation is being in dialogue with something other than what you have just played. I like that. Maybe I am not pretending.


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