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Picturing JOY is ALIVE

Signing books in my studio today

In the fall of 2022 I was looking at a wall of photos in my studio and realized there was a thread running through every single photograph I have ever taken. I had not recognized it before - which was crazy. Whenever I was asked why I took pictures I would say because it was fun and it was how I earned a living. What was actually happening under the radar was my attempt to re-create this very specific feeling of JOY I had as a child. It was this feeling I was after more than anything photographic. I started writing about, got a TON of help and on 11/7, my new book, "PICTURING JOY." was born.

One of the walls in my Pittsburgh Studio

PICTURING JOY is available at all the places we get books. If you would like a signed book from the studio, you can click here. We are also going to be bundling the book with 8x10 prints made by me and signed on the back at really reasonable prices, and some mighty fine tees I am doing as a collab with Pittsburgh street wear legends, Daily Bread. Everything will be available in the Lange Studio Book Shop in the coming week (the books are available now). This is some seriously fun JOY to share as gifts for the holidays. Signed books! Signed PRINTS of classic images! Picturing Joy swag!

Picturing Joy long sleeve tee collab from George Lange + Daily Bread

One other thing....if you could write a review on Amazon it is incredibly helpful. If it is a positive review it is REALLY REALLY helpful!! You can write an Amazon review even if you didn't get your book there.

So much JOY to share. Please reach out if I can help with anything.

All love,



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