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Jeni's X George X Joy

I will be in Atlanta this weekend to shoot for Jeni’s Ice Cream! If you are in town I would love for you to come by and be a part of the photo shoot.

I am looking for hip designers and funky tailors. Families on the way back from church and musicians who are not on a diet. I want babies taking their first lick and grandparents taking it all in. People who have worked with me in the past and rookies who are pitching in their first major league game. I need sports teams full of sweat just off the field and teachers who deserve some free ice cream.

The photo shoots are at Jeni’s stores in Atlanta Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. Sign up here. Email for help finding a time if your preferred slot is reserved (VIP treatment!) Ice cream for all subjects will be free at the shoot - plus a Jeni’s gift certificate. We do need you to sign a model release.

There’s nothing more fun than eating ice cream and being in one of my shoots!



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