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Lincoln Memorial

We were at the Lincoln Memorial today - and all over DC. It was over 100 degrees....still....we were together & happy and everything was kind of easy. We had that moment coming up the escalator from the Metro that was priceless. We were happiest playing in the thick. Was it real? Walked right into the rotunda at the Archives and Jackson sang from Hamilton for everyone (they said we could not pictures, nothing about singing). A park ranger took us into his orbit and insisted we go up inside the clock tower which is run by the GSA. Did not realize it was attached to the Trump Hotel. The last time I did this tour I was the boys age and my father insisted we would meet the Adam's Family who were in a parade he did not want to go to. Like he had planned it - just as they were leaving their hotel we met the whole clan and had our pictures taken with Lurch.


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