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Hard Boiled Eggs and Peanut Butter

There were choices. Pack up fast and drive to safety, which turned out to be right into the storm on roads that were not safe. Or. Hard boil some eggs, make sure you have some peanut butter and take it easy.

There were choices. Watch CNN and get the crap scared out of you. Squint through the wet lenses at reporters with British accents you have never seen before. See the same twisting stop sign on a loop. I was following all this while watering a dry lawn two thousand miles away.

I kept thinking about the people of Houston who must of laughed seeing everyone so amazed at the foot of water that suddenly inundated Miami Beach streets. Kept thinking about all the people dealing with other acts of nature striking loved ones all over the country.

I know there was destruction - but since when is fear the best defense?

I waited patiently for Michael Barbaro to find exactly the right story to tell this morning on The Daily. He didn't disappoint. I read an article that retooled the narrative from an act of God to a storm designed by man (seriously brilliant Dexter Tilkins).

This shot is from the Slip N' Slide event staged on the sled riding hill by Block 1750 in Boulder. I found out after putting this shot together that the dancer goes by "Sky Catcher."

I played tennis yesterday as it clouded up. As soon as it started to drizzle, the people on the other court bolted. It never came down hard enough to have to leave. All you need is some peanut butter and hard boiled eggs....and maybe a son on the other side of the net who never quits.


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