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George Pitts

George Pitts was bigger than life. Inspiring. Mysterious. Thoughtful and sensitive in a way that touched us all. I wanted to listen to George forever. Imagine how he created his images. Dance in his brilliant shadow.

I got to do one cover for Vibe with George. In LA we shot Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, and Coolio one afternoon in that studio at Smash Box facing west. Stevie sang "As" for us. Quincey Jones shared his incredible life. Coolio and I created an image that was ripped off by Weird Al (I guess that is some kind of flattery). I pulled out all the stops trying to impress George. He didn't need to say, "astonish me." His presence was something both powerful and magical.

Life is too short. Life is precious. George Pitts touched many of us.


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