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15 years ago today

Stephie and I got married. Then two years later, Jackson was born on this very day. I was barely awake when Stephie whispered, “I am going to give you the best anniversary present ever” - and she did.

I was not one of those people who went to a lot of weddings. Maybe it was going to an art school that didn’t have fraternities. Maybe it was not being a very good dancer. When it came to my wedding day with Stephie I was all in with great desire and love, but was not that clear about the dancing. I remember getting dressed alone and thinking about how that moment seemed so suspended in time. I was so happy to have all my friends who had flown in, and was even more aware of those who could not be there, especially my Dad who would have loved Stephie.

I was nervous about standing in front of a crowd of people for the most solemn of vows. I wanted to stop time forever while also trying (extremely unsuccessfully) not to cry. I was blown away that Stephie wanted to be with ME! On that day we made a promise to each other and for 15 years every single day we have kept that promise. Beneath everything we do is that promise. A promise with real world meaning...but I would never try to explain what that promise is. Our promise is something we both hold like the most precious jewel and protect it with our lives.

Stephie’s great gift is appreciating every day and focussing us on how special each day can be. It sounds corny but that is her incredible magic trick. It is hard right now with all that is going on to appreciate how lucky we are. That is a big piece of the promise we try to share.


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