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You Need A Friend To Explain It To You

My friend Erica Brown shared my last post about Boulder today and wrote this about me: “The best photographer I know - isn’t the best because he has the best equipment, or because he spent a year working with Annie Leibovitz, or even because he’s been taking pictures since he was 7 years old - and over many decades has photographed everyone from Warhol to The Obamas. All of those things true. He is the best, because when he looks out on the world - he sees what most people overlook. He is the best, because he gives his subjects the gift of his presence - his undivided attention — he sees them - really sees them. He is the best because he never just takes a photo - he weaves a tapestry - each stitch a story. Each story representative of a moment in time. Knowing it’s the “moments between the moments” that ultimately define our lives.”

How can someone write something so kind and revealing? How can Erica let me understand what I do so much better than I ever could? All I can do is wipe the tears away and say thanks Erica.

Erica used to always tell me the sign on my work's home should read, "Where Joy Lives." I like living in that home.

Photo Joshua Franzos and I put together.


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