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The first picture on a new phone

“Asher! Don’t take a picture yet. Let’s do the first picture together.”

The first picture you take with a new phone is like the first song you play when you move into a new home. It is important, and not to be taken lightly.

The last iphone I got was with my mother at the Apple store. As soon as the phone was activated I got a text from my mother’s doctor saying there was a problem. There was a big problem. 4 months later she was gone. Yesterday I finally replaced that phone. It was working fine, but I needed a better camera and it was time. My kids are thrilled that I don’t rush out to get the latest model as soon as it is released but could not wait to play with my new one now. Jackson asked, “Do you think Apple has any more big ideas?”

Asher and I took this picture on the front steps. We only shot one frame which is such an old idea. Generally images taken on phones look great on small screens but don’t blow up well. This phone is different. It is a beast but pretty amazing. I can’t wait to play! #iphone12promax #firstpicture


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