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Quinn For The Win

When I was in Cannes for Instagram in 2015, I was introduced by Eric Schnaebel (@eschnabe)to Pat Quinn (@_pquinn123_) . Pat was co-founder of the Ice Bucket Challenge which was blowing up as videos on Facebook and raising a ton of money to cure the disease Pat had - ALS. I had this idea to do very fast stills of water for Instagram. I asked Pat if I could do one of my water pictures with him. We set up a black backdrop on the beach, and an assistant poured the water. Pat could not reach up at any point to push the water away or protect himself. It was a moment I will never forget. I knew the power of what we were doing but also did not want to hurt him in any way.

Pat's courage - which was a hallmark of his life - blew me away. We became friends as Pat became more and more debilitated with this horrendous disease. Pat was a hero to so many of us - and a super nice guy. The last note he wrote to me was this, "I've heard Boulder is amazing, but I'm glad you're back on the east coast. Your boys are getting so big!! Can't believe the summer is over and school is back. Exciting ages!!

I am living in Yonkers, NY in Westchester County, about 40 minutes outside the city. I appreciate your kind words. I will continue to live and fight this disease with everything I have!! Hope to see you soon! " I can't even imagine the effort it took for Pat to write those kind words as the disease had so debilitated him. So sad to read of his passing over this last weekend....knowing what a brave and courageous fight he gave such a fucked up disease. Pat was 37. Pat's life was and will continue to be a blessing. #quinnforthewin #patquinn


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