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Inside The Lion's Head

Asher asked me this morning, “Can a fire burn on water?”

The teachers are meeting to figure out how to teach in person and online at the same time. They can figure out the curriculum but after almost a year of being safe by staying home, they cannot figure out why going back into a live classroom is suddenly safe for them and their families. The administrators are in their office doing their job, making sure everyone will be wearing a mask, zooming out marching orders and if necessary threats. Unmasked lunchtime feels like the most risky. The paras and fascinators who will be spending their entire day on the classroom front line feel like the most vulnerable. If the people going back to work at the schools were vaccinated, this would all be very different. It feels like we are jumping the gun, but we can’t wait. Everyone is crying out,"The kids need to get back to school in person!." For some it is a necessity. For some it is the end of their rope. Some have the luxury to ride it out at home. It would suck so badly if we got sick after a year of dodging the boogie man and playing it safe. Kind of like that saying, “When you are 90% finished you are halfway there.” From my shoot with @officialewanmacgregor. That is me checking to see if it is safe inside.


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