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Golf Lessons with Tiger

This morning over breakfast Asher told us about his nightmare. He was getting a covid vaccine and when they gave him the shot his arm fell off. They had to give another 15 shots to his severed arm before they could reattach it. Luckily he was all put together again before heading off to school this morning.

Not so lucky for Tiger Woods. When he woke up the nightmare was his new reality. They put him back together with screws and rods. Sometimes you have to pay for that yacht in weird ways. Sometimes the path going forward requires easing your foot off the gas.

This is a shot of me with Tiger the moment after he signed with Nike for the first time. I think I was shooting him for a Newsweek. Maybe taking Tiger's picture

was just an excuse for a quick lesson from a pro. That is not a green screen. That is the color we chose for the background. Not very elegant. Either was the shirt I was wearing!


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