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Deep Dive/Story Time with George

One hour deep dive into George’s archive. He will be sharing stories of the shoots, behind the scenes and outtakes, as well as answering any questions you might have about his photography and career. The price of this hour can be applied to the purchase of a signed art print from George’s collection.  This also includes one signed copy of George’s out of print book, “The Unforgettable Photograph.”

(1) 1 Hour Session

This live offering may be shared with a group of up to ten friends.

with George Lange

We are all taking pictures everyday. Now you have the opportunity to join in a small group setting to learn from and share your work with world-renowned photographer George Lange.

In an online workshop limited to ten people, George will ZOOM live four one hour classes. The classes will walk students through George’s philosophy around photography, taking the pictures we never take and sparking our imaginations to create pictures in new ways. The series will end with students being able to share their photos and get feedback from George.

George will be sharing stories and images from his vast body of work – from the most intimate to the most famous. George’s mission of finding joy in everyday life and his commitment to curiosity will fuel this workshop. He will share lots of tips and ideas that will help your pictures regardless of your level in photography. The sessions will have the same fun and energy as George’s shoots throughout the years.


(4) 1 Hour Sessions Over 4 Weeks


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