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We create videos that are instantly recognizable - you can feel the flow of moments, like feeling the flow of music. We've worked with brands, celebrities and special events - all with a shared goal to shoot projects with energy, creativity, and that wonderful feeling of being there.

My friend, Scott Mowbray, started coming with me to the beach house I had been going to every year since I was little. I am so comfortable there, I shoot everything. Sisters plucking each other’s eyebrows. Friends taking naps, taking showers outdoors, acting totally silly. My camera is like a drone attached to me. I float in and out shooting with abandon. Like a fly they are going to ignore and live with. Scott said, “what you are doing intuitively, would help people take much better pictures.” Scott is a big photo enthusiast and comes from being the Editor of Cooking Light (and many other Time, Inc assignments). We are also totally different. Scott brings the how-to and recipe precision to the picture. I bring all the mushy emotional stuff. Scott brings structure and the questions most normal people want to have answered. I bring Tom Waits and Duane Michals. We created a hybrid photo book that will definitely improve your pictures.

We do not talk about how to be a professional. The book is about how to take the pictures we live but never take. We take pictures of our dessert, but rarely photograph tears. We shoot lots of kids from above, but rarely down on their level. We move away when we should be moving in close. This book is about techniques, but also a philosophy of really appreciating how amazing our lives are.

The book has sold like crazy. It was embraced by Instagram who created a hashtag for the book: #unforgettableinstagram. It got on the Today show and in 3 minutes boosted sales 8000%. It made my mother in Pittsburgh really proud.

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