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The assignments I worked on for the Discovery network were epic. The shows were all “reality” people who were not pros on the other side of the camera - and not amateurs either. The team at Discovery (Karen Bovie Smith, Lara Richardson, Dan Cavey - among many others) set up these shoots in massive studios to shoot up to 12 different casts in two day marathons - shuttling them between my set and the motion set. It felt like the perfect setup for what I do best - all really well produced and yet room to let me create on the spot. Honey Boo Boo yelled out, “I need my guys working!” Someone else decided to use Nair Hair Removal lotion for the squeeze bottles talent used to squirt fake whipped cream at each other. It flew over the set onto other people’s heads. That is part of the fun. When the in house agency at Discovery Network disbanded last fall, they hired me to create images of the last hurrah. This is a trickier balance than it seems - capturing the joy of a team that had worked together for years having their last moments together. There is melancholy and tears mixed along with a healthy send off. I loved being the chosen photographer to create images that captured that spirit.

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