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Women Need to Take Over for Awhile

It is a very weird time to be a man. If you squint at the headlines through a filter of "men behaving badly" it is a parade of men who either don't have a a clue how to purchase a good mirror that reflects their own insanity, a good friend to straighten their ass out, or parents who can still send them to their room. It is obvious the men in the headlines don't think at all - just do the craziest stuff and think they will get away with it. It is 2017. There is a digital roadmap for every breath you take. And even if there wasn't - if you don't want to grow up and take responsibility for your actions you need to be punished. It is very hard to be a man knowing that all the headlines (and the stories they represent) are full of such whacked behavior and thinking. Women need to take over for awhile and show us how it is done.


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