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ReVision pt. 1

Last night as the sun was setting on the Texas coast, I was playing with these young men on the beach....and they were blowing me away. They are all refugees from the Congo.They have been through enough pain for ten lifetimes before coming to Houston, and then Harvey hit. A visionary local coach about to retire saw how brilliant they were, and formed a soccer team (their first coached team ever). Their talent launched them into the most elite league right from the start. Dick's Sporting Goods - and this is why I love working with them so much - seeks these stories out and shines a bright light. They understand what a great catalyst sports is for community and building character.

When we appreciate and nurture the gifts that these young men and women bring to life, it is the reason we are all here.

Everyday I take pictures to use as proof that we are all connected. As we were taking pictures on the beach we lit a spark under the normal posed pictures and gravity disappeared.


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