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My friend Paul Cure woke up Saturday morning and took vegetables from the farm he shares with his amazing wife Anne to restaurants in Denver. This delivery guy from Cure Organic Farm is definitely one of the most stylin’ men in Boulder….as well as one of the biggest dreamers. Paul was dropping off boxes of corn and arugula and herbs and beets from the fall harvest, while I imagine his head was in a totally different place.

That night Paul was hosted an event at BMOCA that was a complete invention of his dreams. He was now in a beautifully tailored suit and shiny boots with no socks. (Paul told me the trick to his wardrobe. He has unearthed the places that sell what the fancy dry cleaners unload from what never gets picked up. Genius!). “We Need To Talk” was the first installment of Paul’s quarterly series of panel discussions. The first panel was on “Power” with 4 powerhouse women (Heidi Zuckerman, Nicole Perlroth, Julia Vitarello, & Reyna Godoy) who shuffled the stories they always tell to the bottom of the deck. Paul was after a conversation we never quite have. A connection we never quite make. The audience was a mix of Boulder intelligentsia all with six degrees of separation via Paul.

It was a serious discussion that was completely entertaining. It was like the best piece of theater, where you walk in not knowing very much about the people on the stage - and then leave feeling like you have known them forever.

I was tapped to do portraits in the weeks before the panel. We photographed the women out at the farm where the light and the chickens and the surfaces and landscape all made for a brilliant studio.

Incredibly I am on deck for the next panel on Beauty in December. How do I take my own beauty portrait?


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