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A promise is a commitment

When I married Stephie there was this one beautiful thought I relished - we were going to have a future together. That idea changed everything. Living together was fine - but taking that leap into marriage was all about being freer than we could ever be alone. We PROMISED each other we were going to be together forever. “Promise” was a big word at our wedding.

A promise is a commitment. A commitment to ourselves and one another that we will be honest and trustworthy and create a place together where love can grow.

The idea of having a future together grew even larger when we had kids. What kind of world would we create for them? How could we take care of each other and this fragile planet? How much love could be created as a foundation for everything we do each day?

This particular moment in history is so bloated with depravity and really bad ideas - if feels like we are suffocating the life out of our future.

Historians are not dumb.

Women are not wrong.

Scientists are not lying.

Our children have no clue that the politicians in Washington are pulling the rug out from under their futures.

We need to look up from our phones for our voices to be heard.

We need to share our fears.

We need to embrace goodness.

I have no clue how we come together right now to upend this sinking ship - but I do know that we need to make our voices heard louder and more effectively than our tweets.


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