TedX Boulder

While pictures should all be able to speak for themselves - the stories behind the images reveal both the process and a depth that is so much fun to share. My talks are about telling stories that inspire the audience to see & appreciate the world in new ways. Especially their inner worlds and what make them each totally unique. The talks are both entertaining and inspiring in ways to use photography as a door into greater awareness. 

The workshops are exercises in appreciating your world in new ways. Always fun. Always inspired. Each one tailored to the group I am working with.

Cannes 2017

"How do you photograph Trust?' An amazing open by photographer George Lange at the #RaganFacebook Leadership Communications Summit"
- Natalie Mason


"This man has been such an important influence to me, since the moment I met him in 2010, and he continues to inspire me with every way he uses and talks about photography and celebrating being alive."
- Jaclyn Silverman


"George gives so much of himself in the interview, he literally peels himself open to share his most intimate thoughts and feelings on life and photography."
- Simon Boyle

I Can't Help You Podcast

Danny Conroy, a longtime leader in the recovery community, finally admits in his new podcast, “I Can’t Help You.” Between talking about everything from current events to mullets, guests share how they acquired and used the tools they learned during pivotal moments in order to become the person they are today. Because ultimately, you can only help yourself.

Photographer George Lange speaks on podcast nocrumbsleft Table Talks with Terri Turner
nocrumbsleft Table Talks with Terri Turner

In this episode, friend and extraordinary photographer George Lange shares anecdotes galore! He’s shot the casts of Seinfeld and Friends, the Obamas, Jim Carrey, and Sophia Loren, to name a few. He tells me the story of his viral Jeni’s Ice Cream video, explains how photography is a tool for a deeper appreciation of life, and discusses how experience translates into content. He truly is a magic maker!

The Family Photographer by Jenny Stein

Your friends and family expect you to bring your camera to birthday parties and holiday dinners. You pick up your camera before the broom when your kids spill flour all over the kitchen floor. You're the family photographer. Every other week, I share my conversations with photographers about their work and their families. How can we take better photos of our family life? Why are we taking all these photos in the first place?


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