I started going to an ice cream stand at the Short North market in Columbus, Ohio on my trips there for Cardinal Health. The flavors were incredibly rich, joyous, seductive and incredibly inventive. Mostly sourced locally - all bursting with frozen love. After my forth or tenth dish of Salty Carmel, I had to meet its maker. I tracked down Jeni Britton, went out for dinner with her and her husband Charly and since then have been great friends. We've taken lots of pictures and shot videos. I get paid in ice cream - usually delivered in a Fed Ex box straight to a studio where we spread out pints to celebrate the end of shootings. They let me loose to shoot this video in their kitchen and the shop on N. High St. Stephie found the music and worked with my editor David Mishler to assemble the shots and tell the tale. When we sent it to Jeni, she wrote back that it captured the spirit of Jeni's better than anything ever - which was saying a lot since they are excellent in defining and communicating their brand. We were honored and thrilled - and super excited to see it front and center on her new website.