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News Break #30

News Break #30


My wife, Stephie, starts each year with a 40 day cleanse where she gives up sugar and caffeine - I decided to give up the news because it was taking up too much room in my life and not giving anything back. I needed the space to listen more deeply, to see with more clarity, and create some space to allow thoughts to wander with less fear.  


Mostly it was time to have some fun. We started to run with the News Break idea in a series of 40 collages based on the daily challenge of covering up the front page of the newspaper with one of my images and design inventions of Stephie’s. It was an excuse to share ideas we now had the room to explore.  


Stephie is seeing all the horrible news she is covering up which makes the process much more challenging. We didn’t anticipate horrific fighting in Ukraine or dire warnings from the new climate report by the UN (although we could have imagined the later). While the work has only been seen on social platforms, the prints are really incredible. Lots of details that are so much fun to explore.

  • Print Specifications

    Each print signed by Stephanie and George and printed on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Baryta paper to archival specifications at Lange Studio.

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