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We Were One

January 15, 2015 - Image by Trent Gilliss

Part of me is dreaming of starting an extermination company to get all this Trump crap out of my dining room and kitchen, out of my bedroom and my dreams (/nightmares). He is taking way too much oxygen out of my home. I know this is making us stronger and focussed and more vocal and more alive. Still...Darth Bannon and his puppet are slinging too much shit around my life. It is like a giant political factory polluting all the air we breathe. The antidote is making our voices heard. Speaking up and out. Also - allowing some beauty and inspiration into our lives in new ways. John Lewis's conversation with Krista Tippet is brilliant and offers some tools to fight back. Lewis explains, " It’s the power to believe that you can see, that you visualize, that sense of community, that sense of family, that sense of one house. If you live that you’re already there, that you’re already in that community, part of that sense of one family, one house. If you visualize it, if you can even have faith that it’s there, for you it is already there. And during the early days of the movement, I believed that the only true and real integration for that sense of the beloved community existed within the movement itself. Because in the final analysis, we did become a circle of trust, a band of brothers and sisters. So it didn’t matter whether we’re black or white. It didn’t matter whether you came from the North, to the South, or whether you’re a Northerner or Southerner. We were one."

I turned off the news for a moment yesterday and listened to Billie Holiday and Lester Young in totally new ways. More art. More music. More life. More community. More faith.


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