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Mother's Something Something Birthday

Today is my mother's something something birthday. When I wished her Happy Birthday she said, "Again??? Already???" If you want to wish her Happy Birthday you had better lower your car window and yell it out without slowing down - because she is walking everywhere she goes and NO, she does not want a ride.

My mother is obsessed with every single thing she does, everything she eats, and everything she sees being THE BEST EVER. This occurs daily after a lifetime of experiences with some very fine things. She is wired for the best of everything. If she gave away her age you would think that maybe this is the key to happiness and longevity. But I PROMISED.

If your eyes start to challenge you, enlarge the font.

If your ears are needing more amplification, turn up the volume.

If you think, even for a second that the best of everything is behind you, you are not appreciating this very moment.

When you get to the age that the obituaries are full of your friends, step on the gas.

Walk to yoga...AND back home again. Read more than you watch. Stay expansive in every way. Embrace all culture. Make younger friends. Let Lyft be your chauffeur (if you must in the rain...). Go easy on the cake.

Happy Birthday A! (SEE! I didn't reveal your age!!)

Love you,


This picture is of my mother running down the driveway of the house she still lives in. The house I grew up in. The house is full of pictures, but she changes them all the time. The house is full of life - as it always has been.


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