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Father's Day

Almost ten years ago Stephie’s body delivered Jackson into our arms. He was delivered by her soul in an act of wild generosity and love. It was miracle. Nothing compares, except for every single moment we get to share with Jackson since he arrived. Three years later, Stephie did that magic trick all over again and said, “Here is our Asher.” Asher takes joy to a whole other level. All of us Dad’s are in awe at the birth of our children, it is seriously beyond our wildest dreams. Then we get a new name. Two little boys in this big crazy whole world call me “Dad.” I can’t tell you how much I love that name. Happy Father’s Day to all the men who get to be called,“Dad.” Happy Father’s Day to all the mom’s who have given us this greatest gift. Happy Father’s Day to all the grandparents who just love it all. Happy Father’s Day to our fathers who are no longer here - oh, how we miss sharing all this love with you. Happy Father’s Day to all the friends who don’t have kids but are so sweet sharing their love with our kids. Happy Father’s Day to all the children who make their Dad’s proud and honest and teach us everyday how lucky we are to be alive.


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