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A Trip to Coraopolis

I drove out last Friday on a steaming hot morning to Coraopolis, PA., a small community of 5,000 just west of Pittsburgh. I had never been to Coraopolis and if I had gone there 75 years ago it would have looked EXACTLY the same. I parked the car next to very funny small donut shop with 30 dips for the donuts. I crossed the street into this old building and was greeted by the nicest, most positive person I have ever met. Eric McKenna was introduced to me by our mutual friend, Michael Kobold – and with that I got in the hot seat at Eric’s Boogie Street studio and started talking. 

This is a long, unedited conversation with someone I had never spoken to before in my life. This is what happens when we stop everything and get to connect. Eric is one very big heart – infinitely enthusiastic and curious – and it was such a joy to spend time together.

Having just moved my family to a new place, we talk a lot about making new friends. My son Jackson thinks I am really good at making new friends. I told him I am really good at talking to strangers, but making new friends is a whole other level. Even through Eric was clear this conversation was about me – what you are watching are two strangers becoming friends via sharing some of my history. I am not sure if anyone has the time to listen, but if you do, let me know what you think.


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