There is a storage facility on the north side of Pittsburgh that was built by an ex-fireman. On the third floor of the facility were several rows of old beaten up, heavy steel file cabinets, about 100 drawers in all.  Each drawer contained 10-12 folders - each one containing a complete assignment.   Most of the assignments were done in the 90’s. All are film.


Through the years when I would visit Pittsburgh to see my family, I would make some time to visit this archive of my analog work. Often the visits would be extremely short. It was overwhelming.  Slowly I became friends with the work, embracing the drawers full of stories and adventures I had often forgotten.  At first I would pull the folders out and hold the transparencies up to the dim fluorescent lights in storage. The next year I would bring a light box. Finally I selected 2 storage  boxes of folders, brought them back to my studio in Boulder and started editing, scanning, and making prints.


The shooting process for me was often taking pictures each day, editing quickly each night, delivering the work to my clients, then starting again the next day.  Now I was giving myself the time to consider different frames, print them beautifully, and see the work as it had never been seen.


For me it was a wonderful reunion with ideas I had worked on everyday with strangers all over the world. It was also the process of embracing what is so astonishing about photography: moments I created years ago that could exist and be shared forever.  Being able to make such beautiful prints exactly the way the images felt to me was a gift, and for the first time allowed me to honor my work and career.


I am printing on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta paper to archival specifications.  Each image is titled and signed by me. In addition to the images here in the print section, many images elsewhere on the site and my digital work is also available.