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Michael Richards

There are those subjects that need direction and those subjects that just need to let loose. Michael strongly falls in the later category. We set up a big production cover for LA Magazine of Michael stepping on a sprinkler. At great cost we built everything at SmashBox in Culver City. You get lost in wanting to make sure you can get the shot you want with no variables in the very limited time you are given. Michael walks in and immediately realized the silliness of our efforts. Although he liked the idea, he refused to set foot on the set. He insisted we find a real home to shoot the cover. So we go off to Silverlake late in the afternoon and start looking for a good place to shoot. Michael keeps asking me what I am looking for. He then does the knockin, asking if the owner watches “Seinfeld”.... which at that time was pretty much everyone. He introduces himself as Kramer and asks if we can shoot on their front lawn. We took this picture just before the sunset.

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